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Hoodies by Angel Wings are made of ribbed cotton with a soft hair fleece inside. They are cozy and tactile. The bottom, cuffs and the collar are made of elasticated rib, which allows them a nice stretch while maintaining the shape. Sleeves are equipped with a thumbhole, pouch pocket creates enough room for essentials.

The left front part is decorated with a mandala motive created especially for us, representing tenderness, playfulness and love... How fitting, don't you think?

Our hoodies are bicoloured. The contrasting colour always appears on the inside of the hood, inside trimming, hood string and the mandala.

NEW in 2016-17 season! There is a small (6x1.5 cm) REFLECTIVE logo on the sleeve on the Navy blue, Raspberry Pink and Chocolate Brown hoodie and on grey hoodies as of fall 2017, as well. This safety feature disputably adds a value to this fantastic product. We are very proud to gently introduce reflective items to babywearers in Canada, U.S. (and Mexico). 

The 3in1 fashionable hoodie (not really... it's 5in1!) has been designed for those who carry their children in a wrap or ergonomic carrier,  and for pregnant women. It's suitable for front or back carry (or even tandem carry!). Can be worn during those exciting months of pregnancy or on its own with no insert, making it an ideal gift for all women.

It can also be worn as an underlay to our softshell jacket or coat. The combination enables you to create a pretty cool winter combo and allows you to stay warm no matter where you are.

ALL materials used by Angel Wings clothing are SAFE-CERTIFIED.

Manufacturer: Angel wings, Czech Republic

*Please note, that Angel wings Hoodie IS NOT a baby carrier nor a sling or a wrap. It has been designed to be worn over a baby carrier, or a wrap to protect your baby from weather conditions. The hoodie itself CANNOT be used as a baby carrier, a sling or a wrap.

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