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Softshell Coats

Angel Wings designed their Softshell Coat for those who carry their children in a wrap or ergonomic carrier, and for pregnant women. It's suitable for front or back carry (or even tandem carry!). Can be worn during those exciting months of pregnancy or on its own with no insert, making this an ideal gift for all women.

In comparison with our softshell jacket, you are looking at more stylish version for all the babywearers who prefer an elegant look over rather a sporty one. Although, there are no rules in fashion design and both, the softshell coat and jacket look stunning with jeans, skirt, leggings.... you pick. The coat is 20 cm (8 inch) longer than the jacket.

If you are looking for an excellent "must have" that will highlight your wardrobe and will never end up hidden in a dark corner, this would be the right choice!

Made of a fantastic quality non-wetting (drains sweat), wind and water resistant fabric called Softshell. It is lightweight, yet warm and a combination of this coat with our fleece jacket or wrap sweater, enables you to create a beautiful and stylish winter combo and stay warm no matter where you are.

Manufacturer: Angel Wings, Czech Republic

*Please note, that Angel wings Softshell coat IS NOT a baby carrier nor a sling or a wrap. It has been designed to be worn over a baby carrier, or a wrap to protect your baby from weather conditions. The coat itself CANNOT be used as a baby carrier, a sling or a wrap.

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