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We are presenting two brands: SIIMA with their warm, luxurious and gorgeous babywearing vest, and Angel wings wraparound sweeater that can truly be used all year long. Even though we call it a summer wrap...

Can be used for front/back carry, during pregnancy, or on their own. You can enjoy their comfort for many years.

There is more ways than one to tie it up. Either leave it to your imagination or watch our instructional videos below.

And just in case you wondered.... Yes, it IS long enough to protect even your toddler's feet! (Well, we've tried them on two year olds. Still room to grow..)


Without a child:


With a child (front carry and back carry):


 *Please note, that Angel wings babywearing sweater IS NOT a baby carrier nor a sling or a wrap. It has been designed to be worn over a baby carrier, a sling or a wrap to protect your baby from weather conditions. The cardigan itself CANNOT be used as a baby carrier, a sling or a wrap.

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