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Angeline blanchette

Hi, my name's Angel. I've been an Angel and Tarot card reader for seven years and completed my training to be a Reiki and crystal practitioner this year.
I am an energy reader, which enables me to support all on their spiritual journeys. I read photographs and jewellery of past loved ones.
Part of the overall service I provide will be grounding, earthing and protection techniques, along with daily affirmations to aid with your overall balance and wellbeing.
We Are One when we heal ourselves we heal a part of the Earth.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing is a channelled holistic healing process used as an alternative medicine. Reiki is used to balance your chakras and provide healing for your mind, body and soul. I will always use personally selected crystals within each sesson to aid with restoration of energy and to release all that no longer positively serves you.

Tarot/Angel card readings

Tarot cards are ancient playing cards used for guidance only. We all have Free Will so will always have the opportunity to change our outcomes.Angel cards are used as guidance messages from your Angels. I will use Angel cards as confirmation messages to your Tarot reading.

Angel aura protection sprays & angeliser

Angel Aura Protection sprays are homemade, made up of either New Moon or Full Moon charged water. Each bottle of love contains reiki-infused amethyst crystals with a splash of magic chosen just for you...
Angeliser is my very own hand sanitiser spray made to suit your individual needs...


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